Muslim extremists have once again targeted Coptic Orthodox pilgrims visiting St Samuel monastery near Minya, Southern Egypt. This is the same location where dozens were killed last year. Indicative reports suggest that many have been massacred and injured.

the vile massacre that took place in the route of monastery of St Samuel near Minya gunmen opened fire on three buses.

There are no accurate death and injury tolls to account for the number of martyrs and injured, but preliminary indicators confirm at least 7 dead and 29 injured.

There can be no excuse for the negligence displayed by the Egyptian Security Services since the same incident took place with the similiar circumstances last year.

ACM also deplores the vile role played by Egyptian Media, which did not address the event for several hours, as if nothing had happened.

We appeal once again to the Egyptian government to quickly prosecute perpetrators and bring them to urgent trial. Pointing the figure at neighbouring Libya is unacceptable. These attacks are being carried out on Egyptian soil, by Egyptians and within Egypt’s borders.

We mourn with the many families impacted by this incident and offer our heartfelt condolences to their families and hope for the speedy recovery of all.