Today i.e. 17th December, 2017, there has been a terrorist attack (suicide bomb) on a Church in Quetta city of Pakistan in which 9 Christians died and more than 50 injured, women and children are the ones who are in more critical condition in the hospitals. Today’s attack is a slap on the face of all those who say that Pakistan has religious freedom and that Christians are equal citizens of that terrorist country. I have always wanted the world to pay attention to the genocide of Christians happening in Pakistan but this persecution of Christians is not accepted by anyone in the United Nations or in the governments of Western Countries. I appreciate President Donald Trump for taking a bold step regarding Jerusalem, now he has to take some action regarding persecution of Christians all over the world and Europe has to side with Trump and America. I urge everyone in this group to condemn this terrorist attack on Pakistani Christians.
A Pakistani Christian woman named Asia Bibi has been in prison for the past 9 years due to a false blasphemy case. There are protests happening in Islamabad city and the protesters are Muslim extremists. These protesters are being supported by the Pakistani Army and Government, they have also blocked federal capital city of Pakistan for many days but no one is brave enough to stop them. Their demand is death penalty for Asia Bibi or that she be handed over to them so they can kill her themselves. The world must open their eyes because Pakistani government uses protesters like these to harass and persecute Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan. Europe and especially USA must help Christians now because President Donald Trump also promised that he will prioritize Christians. Everyone can see that Pakistani muslims are persecutors and not the persecuted which is why West and United Nations should stop giving asylum to Pakistani Muslims and should stop all aid to Pakistan. The world must see the real face of Pakistan.