The executive board of the Hope for the Persecuted is a multinational group of pastors hailing from both the Middle East and United States. The President of the Board is Egyptian born Pastor Nagy Youseff and the Chairman is American born Pastor Wes Denham. Both pastors have the common background of being mentored by and traveling extensively with the well-known author, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Wurmbrand is best known for his book, Tortured for Christ, which details his courageous witness for Christ in spite of suffering tremendous persecution in Romania during the Cold War.

Wurmbrand’s passion for helping the persecuted has had a profound influence upon Pastors Youseff and Denham with their desire to continue Wurmbrand’s work assisting today’s persecuted church. In response to this influence, Hope for the Persecuted has developed a support network in the Middle East to assist Christians who are suffering persecution, victimization, and/or hostility for their faith in Jesus Christ. Hope for the Persecuted offers assistance with food, clothing, and safe houses where new believers can find refuge from family members who often try to kill them for converting from Islam to Christianity.

In addition to offering assistance to persecuted Christians, Hope for the Persecuted shares the word of God with believers throughout the Middle East by broadcasting Christian radio programs and publishing the only Christian newspaper in the Middle East called Al Tareek Wa Al Haque [The Way and The Truth].